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"Wow! Just .... wow! Amanda has eclipsed herself. I totally blissed out; had to shake myself back to reality. The vocals in the first chorus jump out: they're so clean, I felt like I was there in the studio with her. ..Work like this shows what Australian music is all about. More than just pub or pop rock, not that there's anything wrong with that...Excitement to squeee level! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.999recurring"
PG (Jacky) Gleeson (27-2-18 Review of 'Rockabilly Blue')

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"Not for Amanda the little-girl-lost vocals which many female singers use and she doesn’t need to shout and bawl to get her point across, here is a singer who sounds strong, confident, sassy , sexy and in control of everything. She takes you into that smoky club, complete with red velvet seats; she’s up on that stage and you’re hanging onto every word that she sings...While it’s all too easy for a good author to be able to transport you to another place and time it’s not so easy for someone to do that just by singing in a certain style but Amanda does it time and again on this album."

Malcolm Carter, Penny Black Music, Sweden, review of 'Chanteuse'

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