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I saw the message that you sent her, I think I know what it implies

But do I risk taking off this lid, when I’m not sure what is inside?

And all that’s saving me, is possibility that there’s another explanation for this

I’m holding on to just, a possibility that this isn’t what I think it is


Let me hold on....hold on...let me hold on


CHORUS: I saw the message

About your love.....About your hearts.....About your lives ....Before Me


You’re considering a life that had a different ending and you wonder if you should have gone

Now I’m holding this grenade but I don’t know if I should throw it

Cause the damage has already been done


CHORUS: I saw the message I saw your message


Bridge: I shatter glass to channel heartache    Can this really change us?

No matter what you say to her    She can't touch us


CHORUS: I saw the message

About your past.....About your hearts.....About your lives ....Before Me

I saw the message...I saw the message...I saw the message


©Amanda Easton, WildCat Records, Sydney, Australia 10-3-17

I don't really mean to be a crazy do-it-all-yourself person, but I am the one behind all the artwork, the producing and editing of the videos for this mini album as well as the actual songwriting. I know there are professionals that are better than me at visual art and I do love working with teams of real pros too, but I've fallen in love with this side of my work. It feels like a natural extension of the music, and creating visual worlds that my songs can hang out in is very gratifying for me. The little home-made music video for this song is below...

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I Saw the MessageAmanda Easton
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